Citizens voice concerns on landfill

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 2, 2007

For now, there are no plans in place to bring a landfill to Greene County. Concerned citizens want to keep it that way.

At Monday’s meeting people again spoke out against any plans for a landfill in their county.

Bonnie Miller addressed the commission head on asking about their intentions.

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“Do you still plan to go forward in search of a landfill?” Miller asked. “If it comes to a vote, would you vote in favor of a landfill?”

Commission Chairman Chip Beeker said the landfill was not at a point where they could answer yes or no.

“We can’t really answer hypothetical questions,” Beeker said. “There are so many questions we could entertain from any spectrum of people. We can’t have every person that would like to ask hypothetical questions come here and ask them. That is why we have an agenda.”

If a landfill were to come to Greene County, Miller said, there could be numerous problems. She asked if the commission had considered the possible problems.

“Have you studied the hazards and the other problems a landfill could bring to Greene County,” Miller asked. “There is the filth, the smell and problems with the soil and water. These are issues we all have and we are concerned and hope you will consider that.”

Money, Miller said, should not come before the health of their citizens.

“I hope anyone on the board would not put money over the health of the citizens of Greene County,” Miller said. “This is serious business. This garbage is supposed to come from 48 states and I think it is just ridiculous that we would consider taking garbage from 48 states.”

A public hearing, Beeker said, would be held to discuss the county’s 10-year solid waste plan and the possibilities for the future. For now, Beeker said, there were no plans for a landfill.

“There is no proposal for a landfill in Greene County,” Beeker said. “The government has people hired to study these issues. For 25 years commissioners have been considering a landfill and this is not something new. We will have a public hearing where these questions will be asked by people who have conducted studies.”