County issues to be pressed at workshop

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Members of the Perry County Commission have a few items they didn’t have time to resolve in yesterday’s meeting, but will discuss in a workshop at a later date.

Although Commissioner Brett Harrison placed a motion on the floor to “dissolve all committees pertaining to the commission,” and Commissioner Ron Miller seconded it, Commissioners Tim Sanderson, Albert Turner Jr., and chairman Johnny Flowers did not agree to the motion.

“We can dissolve the committees pertaining to the hiring of employees, but we have committees like E-911 that we need,” Turner said. “These committees help us streamline the process and we need these mechanisms to run business.”

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“In the years I’ve been on every committee there was, and we’ve never had a problem with people on committees,” Flowers said, “But now, the people we had a problem with have been dismissed.”

“We’ll have a workshop,” Flowers said, “and we can iron out our differences there.”

Turner said “some believed politics were being played out on the committees,” and that is why the issue was addressed. But he assures residents that there were no such actions.

“We’ll work it out,” Turner said, “so we can continue to do our business in an efficient manner.”

After hearing about the price for the resurfacing and widening project on Perry County Road 1, Miller wanted to make sure all the necessary work was included before agreeing to match 20 percent of the $835,920.50 total.

The county would pay $167,184.10 to complete the work from the Dallas County line to the Uniontown city limits, but Miller said he wants the work done properly before tuning over the money.

“I want it done right,” he said. “We have to look after the taxpayers money.”

Commission members also voiced their support for Marion Military Institute to become a state-supported junior college.

“I am in tremendous support of the board,” Harrison said.

Although the group couldn’t see eye to eye on some issues, they agreed to purchase two computers for the assistant engineer and the engineer secretary, two cellular phones for county healthcare coordinator Fran Ford and the county coroner.

Commissioners were also informed of recent thefts that left the Uniontown park on Highway 80 without three picnic tables.

“When I first started, I would go down there in the morning and open the gates and go down there in the afternoon to close them,” Flowers said, “I will just have to start doing that again.”

Flowers also told the commission that they have to find a way to combat trailer owners who don’t pay their taxes.

“We need to give them 30 to register and get a sticker, or else they need to be fined,” Flowers said. “We got a lot of revenue out there.”

The next Perry County Commission meeting is Tuesday, March 14 at 9 a.m.