Deputies arrest three more in Hale County shooting

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 2, 2007

As the result of a July 1 shootout, four Hale County men have been arrested on attempted murder charges.

After taking 23-year-old Robert White into custody that Saturday night, further investigation led to the arrests of Moundville resident Terrance Williams, and Travis Sharmaine Hunter and Cornelius Ingram, both of Akron.

“Right now these are our main suspects,” Hale County sheriff Larry Johnson said, “but if we come across someone else who was involved as the investigation continues, we will make other arrests.”

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Hunter, 20, Williams, 21, and Ingram, 28, are all facing charges of attempted murder. However Williams was also hit with third-degree criminal mischief charges and Ingram, who had current warrants in Moundville, also faces charges of being a person forbidden to carry a firearm, discharging a firearm in city limits, attempting to elude and reckless driving.

The early July shootout occurred outside of Leroy’s Club on Hale County Road 21, just outside of Moundville.

As four men left the party in a vehicle, which are believed to be the four apprehended suspects, shots were fired from the moving car and injured six people.

Even though most of the victims are recovering from their injuries, two of them lost a leg and one still remains unconscious.

Although Johnson now knows of four men responsible for the incident, he still doesn’t have a clear idea of what happened to cause the bloody scene at what was supposed to be a birthday celebration.

“We are able to place them all on the scene,” Johnson said. “They all admit to being there, I am just getting different stories.”

According to Johnson, Williams was able to make his $50,000 bond and was released while the other three men are still being held in the Hale County Prison.

In the midst of the investigation, Hale County deputies also arrested Monika Faye Jefferies, who thought she was fast enough to get away from authority on July 6.

“One of the deputies arrested her, but she was able to slip her hands out of the cuffs and tried get away,” Johnson said. “She didn’t go too far because our deputies were able to catch her.”

Jefferies, age 28 of Greensboro, now faces charges of third-degree escape, resisting arrest, giving a false name to authorities and failing to pay on negotiating a worthless non-negotiable instrument.