Deputies make drug arrests off traffic stops

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 2, 2007

When Hale County Deputy Kevin Cook stopped George Bailey Sunday for not wearing a seatbelt, the situation couldn’t be resolved by writing a ticket.

Upon approaching Bailey in downtown Akron, Cook saw an open alcohol container, which lead to further inspection.

“We found 38 $20 bags of marijuana and 11 crack rocks in the bag with the marijuana and about $500 cash,” Cook said, “He also had a handgun.”

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The estimated value of the illegal substances in Bailey’s possession is $1,200.

The Akron resident was arrested on charges of first-degree possession of marijuana, possession of cocaine, not wearing a seatbelt, driving while suspended, and carrying a pistol without a permit. He will not be charged for the open container.

Although Bailey, 45, had been arrested a number of times on handgun charges, detained in Tuscaloosa and has been an area dealer for a while, Cook said this is his first time in the Hale County system.

But Cook said the case has been turned over to the federal court to guarantee a conviction and Bailey faces a minimum of five years if convicted on the handgun charges alone.

That same day, Cook made another drug bust, but this time it was on County Road 38 in Sawyerville.

Once Cook pulled over Ronald O’Neal Brantley, 30, and Damyan Rayshun Holifield, 24, for a routine traffic stop, he found two ounces of marijuana, drug paraphernalia and an open container.

“Damyan has been arrested on marijuana charges before and he is know for selling,” Cook said, “but this is Ronald’s first time.”

Holifield faces charges of first-degree possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and having an open container, while Brantley faces charges of second-degree possession of marijuana.

“We hope to get them out of the system,” Cook said. “We’re doing our job to keep our eyes on drugs in the area.”