G’boro graffiti blamed on gangs

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 2, 2007

The congregation at First United Methodist Church in Greensboro was stunned by unwanted art on the outside walls of their church when they arrived for Sunday morning service.

Between late Saturday night and early Saturday morning, vandals left their mark on the place of worship and other various surfaces across the city.

“The Citizen’s Bank was also marked and they spray painted a Spiller Furniture truck too,” Greensboro police chief Claude Hamilton said, “I think someone just randomly did this and it wasn’t pre-planned. The locations have no connections that we could think of.”

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The marks appear to be gang graffiti, Hamilton said, even though some of the symbols may resemble satanic markings.

“We believe it was the random work of a gang,” Hamilton said, “and I don’t believe it was directed at anyone specific.”

Although buildings in the area have been vandalized in the past, Hamilton said he has never heard of anyone doing such things to a church.

“They kind of got me with the church,” he said, “but I don’t know if that actually had anything to do with it being a church. It was probably just something for them to paint.”

So far, Greensboro police have no eyewitnesses, nor do they have any suspects or leads, but the case is under investigation.

“We don’t have anything, but the bank has tapes so we are looking at those,” Hamilton said, “and we are trying to figure out where the paint came from. But if anyone saw anything please let us know.”

If you have any information on the spray-painting incidences that occurred between midnight and early Sunday morning, contact the Greensboro Police at 624-3902.