Good people, good food all in one place

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Cora and Rev. Lacornia Harris have invested their energies after retirement into running their own restaurant with quite a bit of success.

The two started their business six years ago after Mr. Harris retired from the Air Force and the restaurant has blossomed into a popular location. Mrs. Harris retired in May and has since dedicated herself full time to working at their establishment.

The two opened a store on First Avenue and named it Kora&8217;s, after Mrs. Harris, though the name is spelled differently. Mr. Harris initially wanted to open a coffee shop at the location but plans changed once the ball was in motion.

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The new location is on Alabama Highway 43 North about a quarter mile south of Alabama Highway 80. The two say they are happy with the location and Mrs. Harris says that the two have no plans to expand the business to other locations at this time.

Mrs. Harris says the two like to keep the menu fresh by switching the menu items and coming up with new recipes.

While they try to keep the menu from getting stagnant, the couple acknowledges that they have certain items that the restaurant is known for. They feel that their customers particularly like their burgers and ribs.

Customers also brag on the restaurant for its desserts, specifically the apple turnovers.

The couples careers outside of their restaurant business, a preacher and a teacher, has endowed them with a desire to give back to the community through their establishment.

The restaurant also takes food to some of the disabled of the community for no charge every day. They also have special events or help out organizations throughout the year.

According to Harris, these meals will be distributed by the organization to soup kitchens in surrounding areas and to people that are incarcerated. It is this love of giving back to the community and the satisfaction of helping people that makes the work worth wild says Harris.