Inmate admits to MPD robbery

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Normally, inmates are on their best behavior when doing time.

However, three Perry County men decided to break the law while behind bars, and one of them has just added five more years to his original sentence.

On Monday, July 10, days before he was set to go to trial, Datreal Tubbs admitted to breaking into the office of Marion Police Chief Tony Buford on April 12, 2004.

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“His court date was coming up,” said District Attorney Michael Jackson, “so it was either plead guilty or go to trial.”

While Tubbs, Lester Carr and Eddie Williams Jr. were imprisoned on trustee status – meaning they were locked up for minor charges and occasionally released from prison – the trio dug their way through the roof of the Marion Police Department and into Buford’s office.

The inmates then proceeded to steal 11 bags of marijuana, a .380 pistol, a .32 pistol, a .25 pistol and $505, which was all being held as evidence in the office.

After hiding their stolen goods in various spots around the city, the three apparently dabbled with the marijuana since they are tested positive for the illegal drug after admitting to breaking into the office.

Although Tubbs was the one who led police around town to collect most of the stolen evidence, Circuit Court judge Jack Meigs sentenced him to five additional years in prison.

“This burglar is not going to win the Albert Einstein award,” Jackson said. “I guess the next place he would have broken into would have been Fort Knox.”

According to Jackson, one of the suspects is currently serving a 27-year sentence for a separate Perry County robbery, but all three of the men will be held responsible for roof repairs.

“They tore up the roof so they could get in and now they will have to pay for that when they get out,” Jackson said although officers never recovered five bags of marijuana and one of the pistols. “The main damage is the roof.”

In 2004, the inmates were in jail for minor charges and were trusted to enjoy some of life’s freedoms. However, because of this crime, the system will never treat them the same.