New questions surface over floating body

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 2, 2007

LIVINGSTON – The investigation into the discovery of a body found floating underneath the Sally R. Minius Bridge last week has taken a turn. Forensics show that the body, who was originally thought to be missing Eagle One truck driver Albert Williams, may

in fact be someone else.

Williams, age 24, of Jackson, Miss., was reported missing the day before by his family and his employer, Eagle One Trucking Company, when he did not return with a load he was suppose to transport from Birmingham to Meridian.

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The now unidentified body was found only a short distance under the bridge with the truck approximately two miles away.

Williams’ possessions were still in the truck.

“The victim’s wallet, cell phone, keys and other personal stuff were still in the truck,” said Johnny Isaac, Greene County Sheriff.

The truck’s engine started up with no problems, and showed no signs of automotive malfunction.

Williams was last seen at a gas station in Mississippi.

The company he worked for was able to find the truck’s location because of the on-board global tracking system.

The truck had been properly shut down, and showed no signs of a sudden exit being made.

The case is still under investigation, and an autopsy is in process to help identify the victim and, ultimately, the actions leading to his death.