OUR VIEW: Council needs to approve mayor’s proposal

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 2, 2007

The Demopolis City Council has twice delayed a vote on a proposal by Mayor Cecil Williamson to have the Alabama Tombigbee Regional Commission develop a comprehensive plan for the city.

The plan would look 20 years into the future and propose strategies for land usage, amenities and economic development. It would essentially be a roadmap for city leaders to follow but would in no way represent a directive that would become law.

The idea is a solid one. A city with the growth potential of Demopolis would do a disservice to its people if it looked no further down the road than a couple of years at a time.

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Vision and planning for what is to come is the only way to properly manage growth and to attract economic development.

The council, in delaying the vote, has raised several valid concerns. One of those is that the comprehensive plan would be ignored, much like a strategic plan the city has now. This plan will unceremoniously expire at the end of this month.

However, we have a mayor who is proactive and motivated by this plan. We have a council who has raised this concern. In both instances, it looks as if our city leaders are aware of the necessity of using such a plan. Hopefully they will do just that, and in doing so will inspire future leaders to do the same.

Each time a concern has been raised, it has been answered. The time has now come to approve this project.

The mayor acquired a grant that would pay for nearly 75 percent of the study. We believe the $7,000 she is requesting would be money well spent.