Praying in the Spirit Ministries goes on the Web

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Big things are going on in Jalor Gallery in Livingston.

Although the space may not be as big as most community centers, Sister Marie Carter and her Praying in the Spirit Ministries, have taken summer enrichment to an entirely new level.

Carter has established an online academy and a learning center to supplement learning for both area youth and adults.

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“Everyone else had an academy but these children didn’t have anything except school during the school year,” Carter said. “It’s like a summer enrichment program, but it’s all year round.”

After signing up for the PSM group, members will have access to learning enrichment opportunities in everything ranging from science, math and social studies, to languages, Black Belt history and Bible study.

The program also provides health and fitness tips, reading and writing programs and black history.

“I put the main emphasis on math and reading,” Carter said, “but I want to make sure they know where they came from, I want them to be healthy and I want them to have spiritual education. I am an ordained minister.”

The online academy provides students with printable worksheets, games and other interactive programs in order to aid children in their quests for knowledge.

“We use different things to try to make learning fun for the children,” Carter said. “How can they not learn with so many fun things to choose from?”

The center features everything from Hooked on Phonics sets, reading books and worksheets to exercise videos, magazines and complete curriculums for grades K-6.

“A lot of kids don’t feel comfortable going to the library,” Carter said, “so I am using this as a place to reintroduce them to reading.”

However, unlike the library, these books, magazines and tapes can not be checked out.

At the center, children who participate in the daily program are required to spend 30 minutes to an hour reading, then they can use the computers or watch a video.

“They dance, they sing, they do karate, they learn sign language and I teach them how to play the piano,” Carter said. “Everyday I just ask them what they want to do. The kids just feel at home here.”

The program is open to any child, regardless of race, background or location, Carter said, and parents can either drop their children off at the center or make arrangements for Carter to pick them up.

“No one will be denied,” Carter smiled.

The center is open from about 6:30 a.m. until seven days a week.

“It’s nice and I love it,” said Tolona Wilson who has three children attending the academy on daily basis.

As far as learning resources for adults, the center is affiliated with Meridian Community College for adult literacy.

“But they can participate in the online academy as well,” Carter said. “You just have to sign up for an e-mail account.”

Today, Carter will have a special presentation prepared for the children about sex and abstinence as part of the SADYES, or Sex, Alcohol, and Drug Youth Education Program in honor of National HIV Testing Day.

The best part of Carter’s endeavors is that access is free to both these new programs.

In the future, Carter plans to take her online program offline and make it available to teenagers at the Cattle Ranch.

“That way they’ll be able to get their GEDs,” Carted said.

Carter also hopes to get a building large enough to begin an actual academy.

“I am acquiring information and resources for a physical academy right now,” she said. “But I am excited about everything we are doing here.”

For more information contact Sis. Marie Carter at (205) 652-4383 or (205) 609-0035. You can also visit, or e-mail or