Stolen ATV not stashed well

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Two four-wheeler thieves in Greene and Marengo Counties made an interesting choice of storage last week when they hid an all-terrain vehicle on the property of their victim.

Cordellius Benison, 19, of Demopolis and LaTroya Benison, 21, of Forkland were arrested Thursday, Feb. 22 on charges of theft of property for stealing a 2006 Yamaha Raptor ATV from a residence in Demopolis.

From there, Greene County Sheriff Johnny Isaac said, the two took the four-wheeler to Forkland, where they were joyriding. Then, they stored the stolen ATV in a barn. But, Isaac said, it was not just a random barn.

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“It was in a barn when (police) found it,” Isaac said. “The guy that owns the property there was actually the owner of the four-wheeler.”

Members of the community reported seeing the ATV as the two were riding it. When deputies investigated the incident, Isaac said, they found the four-wheeler was reported stolen.

“We didn’t catch them on it, but we did catch them,” Isaac said. “We interviewed them and came to find out the next morning that the Demopolis Police Department had reported it stolen.”

Demopolis police were contacted and picked the two up. They were later incarcerated in the Marengo County Jail in Linden.