Surveillance leads to raid, drug arrest

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Friday night, Greensboro police and two members of the District Task Force put “Poo Dog” in the pound.

After observing drug activity in the neighborhood and making numerous undercover drug purchases from Ellis “Poo Dog” Thomas III, Greensboro police obtained two search warrants which led to the arrest of the 29-year-old resident.

First police went to 1601 North Ward Street, Greensboro chief Claude Hamilton said, where Thomas had set up his main place of operation.

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“We picked him up on North Ward. He was coming from the rear of the home where he hid a few ounces of crack cocaine and marijuana,” Hamilton said. “We also confiscated $1,156.79 and a scale that he had on him.”

The search then continued to Thomas’ residence on Oak Drive where police found about a pound of cocaine, marijuana and two digital scales.

“The cocaine was inside a tote bag,” Hamilton said.

After collecting contraband from the two homes, police confiscated somewhere between $120,000 to $150,000 in drugs and money.

Hamilton and his officers also received word that someone from out of town had traveled to Greensboro to drop of more illegal substances to Thomas and changed their mind after knowing that Thomas was in custody.

But according to Hamilton, this bust is only the second biggest of the year.

“We had one that was about $200,000 a few months ago,” he said.

Police had been watching Thomas for at least three years, but were waiting for another opportunity to arrest him after a close call almost one year ago.

“We stopped him on Demopolis Street and he got away. So he’s been around here since then,” Hamilton said. “He thought he was one of the smarter ones, but we had been watching him.”

Thomas faces charges of two counts of trafficking cocaine, two counts of first-degree marijuana possession, two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia and resisting arrest in addition to prior failure to appear, resisting arrest and escape charges.

If he is convicted of all the previously mentioned charges, Hamilton said Thomas is “easily looking at 15-20 years” in prison.

As always, Hamilton and his force are striving to keep drugs off Greensboro streets.

“We got a job and we are going to do it. These drugs are killing us and the community,” Hamilton said,” and we are going to clean this county up.”