TIMEOUT: Is the BCS on track with choices, yet?

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 2, 2007

This past Sunday I watched the Bowl Championship Series Bash on Fox Sports. I’ve come to the conclusion as I have done in previous years, that the BCS still needs work. It was only established to run for 10 years. It’s set to match the best teams at the end of the season not the most popular team at the end of the season.

I have no gripe about the outcome, mind you. Florida will make a worthy opponent for Ohio State. I just don’t think the two best teams are playing for the championship. Things seem to get boggled up when Southern Cal lost to UCLA, last weekend. Had the Trojans won, the rankings probably would have been Ohio State, USC, Michigan, and Florida. Florida would be going to the Rose Bowl to play Michigan.

Did Michigan get punished for not playing? Would Ohio State have been dropped to No. 2 had USC won? Again don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for Florida, but don’t tell me that someone else needs a chance and that’s why they’re in there.

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I know an Ohio State/Michigan contest would not be an exciting match-up in terms of television revenue, television viewing, local fans, and other components. No one wants to see two teams from the same conference battle for the national championship. I think the most exciting match-up would have been Ohio State and USC. But that would mean the BCS selection would come down to the human element as it did this year.

The question to ask is, were the votes manipulated to assure no rematch? Or was the final outcome the game everyone wanted to see? Did the BCS come up with the two best teams or did it come down to who they preferred to get in?

Of course, if you are a Southeastern Conference fan or your team is in the SEC, you’re happy that Florida is vying for the national championship regardless of how they got in.

It has been said that the BCS was organized to get rid of the disorganization and the chaoticness of the process for bowl games, but I have to believe that the BCS is getting better. The strides seem so small, though. I still think that some kind of playoff systems will work much better. The final regular season game for college football was played last Saturday. This weekend through the first weekend in January is plenty of time for a college playoff to find a true national champion?

Last year the Associated Press decided it no longer wanted its poll to be a part of the BCS standings. Did they get fed up with the BCS? The Harris Poll has moved in their slot. Is Notre Dame the biggest winner? They get $1.3 million if they don’t participate in one of the bowl games.

As in every year, someone seems to always get shut out. Remember Auburn’s undefeated season two years ago? The system didn’t work for them even though they were undefeated that year.