Trailer robbed, right down to the kitchen sink

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 2, 2007

When a Greene County trailer was burglarized throughout the month of January the thieves took everything, including the kitchen sink.

January 30, Ruth Wright, a native of West Greene, returned to her home after a month out of town only to discover the entire contents of her trailer and lawn missing.

Greene County Sheriff Johnny Isaac said the thieves went through her home with a fine-toothed comb stealing everything they could take from the scene.

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“She reported that she had been away from home and when she came back everything in her house was gone,” Isaac said. “Everything from the doorknob to the kitchen sink was gone. Even the countertop to the kitchen sink was missing.”

Isaac said the thieves left no stone unturned, even taking a set of drawers with personal documents for Wright.

“They stripped her mobile home completely from the sink drawers and everything,” Isaac said. “Whatever they could get, they got it.”

Because everything she owned was gone, it was difficult for Wright to place a value on the items, or name everything that was missing. None of Wright’s neighbors reported any suspicious activity, which gave the case another degree of difficulty for investigators.

Fortunately, the department received tips within days of Wright’s report and made two arrests last Wednesday.

Richard Phillips, 42, of Boligee and his wife Hattie, 46, were arrested on charges of receiving stolen property, first degree when the stolen items were discovered at their home. When the arrests were made, Isaac said, they recovered practically all the stolen items.

Both were later released on $7,000 bond. The Phillips’s denied any participation in the theft itself, but the case remains under investigation.

Monday, the department also made an arrest in the case of missing funds at Greenetrack. Tiffany Underwood, 23, was arrested on charges of theft of property, first degree and two counts of forgery, second degree for her role in taking an estimated $8,000 in cash.

While employed at Grenetrack, Isaac said, Underwood was forging the signature of her supervisors to transfer money.

Underwood was a suspect in the case and video surveillance confirmed the suspicions.

Underwood was released on $13,000 bond.