Routine traffic stop turns into drug bust

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 4, 2007

LINDEN &045; Earl Duane Fanning was arrested for possession of marijuana New Year’s Eve by the Linden Police Department.

Fanning, 19, of 2011 Eastern Circle in Demopolis, was arrested at 8:20 p.m. when Chief of police Jeff Laduron and officer Vice searched his vehicle and found five bags of marijuana. Laduron said he arrested the Fanning in July 11 for felony possession of crack cocaine and misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

Laduron said he was beginning patrol duty that evening and was stooped at a stop sign by Scott Park. Laduron said he saw two vehicles pass the stop sign and the one in front had taillights that weren’t working.

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Laduron said he pulled the car over on Carter Drive, and when he approached the vehicle he noticed that the driver was Fanning. He said Fanning also didn’t have proof of insurance and was acting strange.

Laduron said backup arrived and the two cuffed Fanning and began searching the car. Laduron said that after searching the car the car the officers found four more bags of marijuana.

He said Fanning was then taken to the Marengo County Detention Center where he will await a bond hearing.

Laduron said Fanning would go before a grand jury in early February for his July 11 arrest, in which Fanning was found with 16 crack rocks and marijuana with intent to distribute.