Murder case sent to grand jury

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Judge Wade Drinkard found enough evidence in the preliminary hearing of Rosemary Wallace to send her murder case before a grand jury yesterday.

Wallace, 45, was arrested for the murder of Wilbert Swell, 56, on Dec. 2 at her Uniontown home. Swell was found dead at his home at 374 Golden Rd. in Thomaston after Wallace said the two had gotten into an argument and she had stabbed him.

Reese said Swell didn’t use the door directly from the house to the porch, but opted instead to go through the yard. He said the weapon used for the stabbing was found in the kitchen of the home.

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Reese said he received conflicting reports on the earlier actions of the couple by witnesses. He said one witness reported the two as being &8220;lovey-dovey,&8221; while another reported that the two were fighting at the time they were dropped of at Swell’s dwelling. He said all witnesses reported that they had been drinking prior to the incident.

In her account of the incident Wallace wrote Swell wouldn’t let her leave his home and that he began waving a knife at her. She said she hit him in the head with a lamp and the two began struggling with the knife. She said when he went for another knife she grabbed the first one and stabbed him about four times.

In her statement Wallace said Swell went outside after being cut and she fled to Linda Rodgers’ house, Swell’s cousin, where she was given a ride to Uniontown by Taylor Glass.

Wallace told Glass about stabbing Swell and when he returned he and Rodgers went to his home to find the body. When she was arrested by the Uniontown Police Department, Reese said Wallace had changed clothes, but he said they had received a warrant to obtain them while Wallace was in the Marengo County detention Center.

Wallace will go before a grand jury during the next session, Feb. 5-9. Her lawyer, Walter A. Griess has requested a discovery hearing for the case.