Demopolis welcomes two new eateries

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 11, 2007

DEMOPOLIS &045; A Guthrie’s restaurant is slated to open Feb. 15 on U.S. Highway 80 and a Jack’s restaurant is in the planning stages.

Residents will have two more choices in their dining options soon as the two fast food establishments prepare to join the ranks of eateries in the area. The two new businesses will join the recent growth in businesses opening locations in the area.

Brooker said he didn’t know when the Guthrie’s, an establishment that specializes in fried chicken, would open, but he said the contractors were working diligently to bring the project to fruition. He said that Jack’s, a fast food joint dealing largely with hamburgers, has tentatively expressed an interest in opening in the area as well.

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Jay Shows, the director of the Industrial Development Board, said that Guthrie’s has been confirmed as coming to the area for sometime, but they haven’t come through the board or the Chamber of Commerce. He said it is not uncommon for industrial and cooperate businesses to not seek help form local business promoters such as the two groups.

Williamson said there are a myriad of ways that business can come to Demopolis. Kelly Smith, the president of the chamber, said that there is very little that businesses have to do when they are looking at coming to the area. She said some come to the chamber or development board for demographics and other information, but they don’t have to.

Interim City Clerk Sam Gross said business really only have to make sure they are in the right zoning area and fill out a business license application. She said if they are building a new structure they have to get a building permit as well.