OUR VIEW: Superintendent position key to Demopolis’ growth

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 18, 2007

A saying becomes a clich because of the truth it holds. Such is the idea that our schools are the key to our success as a city, community and region. Thusly, choosing the right person to be the next superintendent of the Demopolis City Schools is a crucial decision.

We have every confidence in our school board to have a spirited debate and thorough selection process in making their decision. We also remain optimistic that the interview process will be a wholly open one, carried out in complete view of the public.

Along the way, we know full well that politics will enter into the mix. Even if the board and each of its members remain fully above the political fray, other leaders &045; political and civic &045; will introduce politics into the mix.

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Ultimately, politics should have no sway on the board members. However, the debate it causes may provide interesting insight into the needs of our district and the qualifications of the candidates who seek to lead our schools.

The politics of race will most certainly enter into this decision, and rightfully so. One board member said in these pages that given the racial make-up she would prefer to see a black superintendent chosen.

Looking at the racial make-up of the district and making that one of many factors in the decision has merit. Race should be considered, but it should not be the deciding factor. After all, the idea that a majority black district requires a black superintendent for success has been disproved by Dr. Wesley Hill and the Demopolis City Schools.

Our point, however, is simple: Leave no stone unturned, no idea not considered and no possibility discarded. That this decision is of tantamount importance is not a clich; it is truth.

Our system will be best served if the school board is allowed to do their jobs without political pressure and if the board conducts the search in the most public way. Everything else &045; politics included &045; will work itself out.