OUR OPINION: Prudent use of money means new development

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Demopolis City Schools should be congratulated on choosing to move ahead with building a new football stadium at the high school.

Their approach to this project illustrates the best way to look at any development. They put together a group of citizens to study several options, from renovations to new development.

Their ultimate decision will result in not only a new stadium but in renovations at the existing facility and a new practice field

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that can double as a soccer field and comes complete with a track.

With the city’s commitment to help fund the project, the board of education carefully considered their funding limits over the last two months. Ultimately, they decided they had the resources to move forward.

A new football stadium will be representative of a high school program with a reputation for excellence. The Demopolis Tigers are known for having quality teams year after year.

Even in a rebuilding season, such as this past year, the Tigers made an impressive

run in the second half of the season and found their way to the playoffs. Next year, they will build upon that tradition of excellence.

Furthermore, a new stadium and practice field will provide the school with more opportunities to host regional events, including soccer tournaments, track meets and band competitions.

Such commitment to the athletic department only provides for a more attractive school system as a whole. And we all know that having a solid public school system pays excellent dividends when trying to recruit people to the area.

We look forward to watching the progression of the new stadium, and we’ll be there on opening night.