OUR VIEW: High speed caused accient that killed five people

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 7, 2007

We mourn with our neighbors in Newbern who lost five of their citizens Sunday evening when a two-car accident killed five people.

The victims ranged in age from 20 to 73. Two were an elderly couple on their way home from church; the other three were young men apparantley testing the speed of a new motor they just installed into a car.

The elderly couple &045; Wayne and Blanche Icher &045; wore their seatbelts. The three young men &045; Markiece Quarles, Matthew Snead and Keith Evans &045; did not.

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When thinking about this tragedy, it is hard to get past the fact that families are grieving today. In three cases, life was cut far too short. In two cases, twilight was ended far too early.

But from this tragedy we must learn a lesson. These deaths should not &045; and cannot &045; be in vain.

Youth is often unbridled. It breeds a notion of invincibility. It seeks adventure and craves the newness of each experience. Left unchecked, our youth can be our worst enemy.

These three young men were being boys. They undoubtedly meant no harm. They were chasing the wind and pushing the limits of a machine they enhanced for more speed.

But they paid the ultimate price, as did a couple who were coming to the end of a Sunday like so many other Sundays in their life together.

As responsible adults, we must constantly remind our youth of the dangers our world poses, the dangers our youth assure themselves they will never meet. Life can be just as adventurous, just as rewarding even with a little caution and care.

Be mindful to reenforce the simple safety tips we often take for granted: slowing down, wearing a seatbelt and watching out for others on the road.

Our hearts go out to all the loved ones of the five people killed Sunday evening. We wish you God’s calming touch. At the same time, we hope others will reflect on this tragedy and take heart of lessons to be learned.