OUR VIEW: Public should take interest in superintendent search

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tonight, the general public will have a tremendous opportunity to take an inside look into the job of a school superintendent.

At 5 p.m., the first candidate interview begins, and the search for the next Demopolis school superintendent will enter the home-stretch. These interviews &045; expected to take place over four days in the next two weeks &045; are open to the public.

While the hearings being open are nothing revolutionary &045; in fact, it is state law &045; the opportunity to see first hand the men and women who might lead our schools does not happen very often. In fact, Dr. Wesley Hill has been in his position for 29 years. His has been a successful term, which puts pressure on his successor.

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Most agree that the key to any area’s growth is directly proportional to the strength of the school system that serves the area. In Demopolis, we are blessed with a strong school district that has a rich heritage. Part of that strength is due to the commitment of community leaders and parents who are active in school activities.

Therefore, we encourage everyone who can to take time visit at least one of the interviews taking place. We see several benefits to public attendance at these meetings.

First, it will show the candidates that, if chosen, they will enter a district where the public takes a vested interest in the schools, where people are willing to sacrifice their time to help improve a district. Knowing that kind of support exists will make any candidate excited about the opportunities in Demopolis.

Second, those who attend will have a chance to see the intensity of these proceedings. We believe the public would be genuinely impressed by the candidates who perform well during these interviews.

Finally, when the public takes a genuine interest in government, then our government runs more efficiently. Thankfully, we have a solid school board filled with members who represent a diverse population. They currently serve us well in leading our schools, and we have every confidence in their making the best choice for the next superintendent.