Jenkins found guilty of murder

Published 12:00 am Friday, March 2, 2007

LINDEN &045; After deliberating for around an hour, a jury delivered a guilty verdict in the murder trial of Larrie Jenkins at 6:30 Wednesday night.

The jury found that Jenkins shot and killed Ronnie Kennedy June 18, 2005. The shooting occurred after an argument between the two, in which blows were exchanged. Jenkins claimed she acted in self-defense when she shot Kennedy.

Griggers said the jurists had to hear testimony by a pathologist on the case &045; evidence that is usually harder to process. He said the case also heard testimony from a large number of witnesses and that an hour of deliberation is normal for jurists having to digest that much evidence.

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The shooting occurred on County Road 55 in south Marengo County at the birthday party of Jenkins’ mother. Testimony shows that the two got into an argument over a $5 bet, which lead to a scuffle and then the shooting.

Jenkins then said she shot Kennedy in defense of herself and her family. Jenkins’ testimony was debunked by the other testimony presented to the jury.

Jenkins said Kennedy was coming at her when she shot him, but the pathologist presented evidence showing that the bullet’s entry wound on Kennedy was located in the middle of his back.

The chemical report on Kennedy after his death showed he was under the influence of alcohol and cocaine at the time he was shot. Jenkins testified at the time of the shooting she was under the influence of crack and several types of alcohol.

After being convicted, Jenkins faces a sentencing hearing March 21 for the murder. The offense is a class A felony, so Jenkins faces a sentence ranging from 10 to life imprisonment for her actions.