TIME OUT: Spring has arrived

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The dictionary defines spring as the season of the year between winter and summer during which many plants bring forth leaves and flowers.

The season of spring has finally fallen upon us. Though we have another week according to the calendar, America’s favorite pastime, baseball, always usher in the spring season.

Baseball and softball means cleaning off the chairs we have that’s reserved just for the games. It means the opportunity to travel with our favorite teams. Baseball also means hot dogs cooked on the grill, which is my personal choice. It means the sound of the ping when the bat hits the ball.

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Baseball means that my Detroit Tigers will make another run at the World Series and eventually claim the championship.

The warm and fresh air is also a sign of spring reaching us, especially after some cold February days. Up north, where I originated from, they are still praying for the warm weather we have here in Demopolis. Their prayers were answered yesterday, as temperatures reached the 70s. But, by Friday they will have to succumb to the 20s again.

With spring also comes outdoor activities or just emerging from hibernating during the winter months. Fishing season has elevated as well during this time of the year. Whether you fish for fun or like the atmosphere of competitive fishing for fun, I’ve been told the water is fine.

The month of March, spring marches in college basketball tournaments or &8216;March Madness’, as it is affectionally called. The University of Alabama men’s or women’s basketball teams didn’t make the NCAA tournament, nor did either Auburn team. The state of Alabama was not represented in this year’s NCAA tournament. Alabama was invited to play in the National Invitational Tournament (NIT). Auburn and Alabama-Birmingham women were invited to compete in the WNIT.

For the student-athlete and other academic achievers, this time of the year is considered the home stretch of the academic year. Finals are just around the corner. Seniors in both high school and college are anticipating graduating day and the excitement mounts as the big day approaches.

Spring brings in smiling faces, softness, fresh blooming, and just a season that one looks forward to arriving.

Other sports, particularly high school sports that come with the springtime are soccer, golf, track and field, and tennis. By the way, if you get the chance come check out the Demopolis girls soccer team this season, they are special.

I’ve already dusted off my clubs as I prepare to resume my four years off from the game, as mentioned in a previous column. My tennis rackets are in good shape and I can still get around the court pretty good.

Enjoy your spring have some fun and I’ll see you at the baseball diamond, or on the soccer field, or on the tennis court, or on the golf course, or maybe at the track meet.

James Gilmore is the sports editor of The Demopolis Times. He can be reached by e-mail to james.gilmore@demopolistimes.com.