Wreck leads to felony DUI charge

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 15, 2007

LINDEN &045; Judge Wade Drinkard found enough evidence at yesterday’s preliminary hearing for Annette Harmon Page’s felony driving under the influence arrest to send the case to grand jury.

Page, who was arrested before on DUI charges that lead to the felony charge in this case, was arrested on Nov. 18, 2006, by the Demopolis Police Department after she wrecked her vehicle leaving McDonald’s. Officer Rex Flowers responded to the report of the wreck and testified in yesterday’s preliminary hearing.

Flowers said when he arrived of the scene Page was sitting on the steps of the church with her car still wrecked on the steps. He said Page was the sole occupant of the vehicle when it was wrecked and no one else was injured during the accident.

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Flowers said Page’s speech was also slurred when he arrived, and he asked her to perform a series of sobriety tests due to the admission by Page about her drinking and the smell of alcohol. Flowers said he did not have a portable Breathalyzer apparatus in his vehicle to test Page at the scene, but he said she failed every one of the numerous tests he asked her to perform.

Flowers said he then transported Page to the police department where he asked her to use the Breathalyzer at the station. He said she blew a .28 on the machine, which is three and a half the legal limit.

Flowers said after the transported her to jail, he was contacted and found she had several previous charges and he moved the charge to felony DUI.

After listening to testimony, Drinkard said there was enough evidence to send Page’s case to a grand jury.