Finance committee has a full plate

Published 12:00 am Friday, March 16, 2007

DEMOPOLIS &045;One of the most overlooked and important facets of city government, the city finance committee, has quite a bit on its plate for its upcoming meeting next Thursday.

The committee members, Mayor Cecil Williamson, Councilman Woody Collins and Councilman Jack Cooley, will make decisions regarding issues such as bond issues for upcoming building projects, fitting new tornado sirens in the budget and debating whether or not to accept the salary request of the new would be city clerk.

Cooley said the committee would have to discuss the monetary needs that will be involved in building a new fire station, city police and court complex as well as helping fund a new stadium and athletic complex for the high school. Several of the projects related to the bond issue decision are on hold until the finance committee deliberates and produces a plan to present to the city council.

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Williamson said the committee would also likely discuss the tornado siren issue that was brought up in the last city council meeting. At that time Director of Public Safety said the city needed at least an extra five sirens if not more for the recent annexations by the city.

Williamson said she is sure, from past reports, that the city will need more sirens than they can afford on this year’s budget. She said it is important for the city to do what it can now and have a plan to get the rest as soon as possible.

Though it may be a mute subject, the committee may also face the salary request of Aliquippa Allen, who was offered the vacant city clerk position. Cooley said he is surprised the request wasn’t brought up on the front end of the job search.