Goodwin undecided

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 17, 2007

DEMOPOLIS &045; Searching for a head coach is not always an easy task for high school principals and athletic directors. The process doesn’t necessarily go as planned, but the interest of what some may consider a prestigious coaching position may turn out to be a fun procedure in the selection process.

There are always a few coaches a school may want to have to run its program and there are schools that may be considered a coach’s dream job.

Demopolis’ Doug Goodwin could be one of the states most sought after coaches.

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There are at least three schools with quality programs and facilities which have Goodwin on its current prospect list for an open coaching position.

Benjamin Russell and St. Paul are seeking head football coaches. Russellville still has 25 names on its list. Russellville has one of the best football facilities in the state among 5A schools.

Teachers are given 45 days before the school-year begins to abandon their contracts. If they leave within that 45-day window their teaching certificate can be revoked. Most coaching positions include teaching.

The protocol is that a school will inform the principal of a sought after coach that they want to talk to a prospective coach.

Also, schools have different budgets, in terms of benefits and what they actually pay a coach. Each school system sets its own parameters on a sports program’s budget, including its coach’s salaries.