Suttles retires from company he founded

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 28, 2007

James Suttles, the president and founder of Suttles Truck Leasing, is retiring from his position at the head of the company he built starting with one truck he drove himself.

After 45 years working in the trucking industry, Suttles said he felt the time was right to step back from the company, which now has 500 tractor trucks in its arsenal and hauls chemicals across the United States. He said he has run the company as president for eight years, three more than the original contract, after the Dana Corporation bought it, and he feels the situation is right for his exodus from the company.

Suttles said he first got into the chemical trucking industry in 1972 in Greenville, SC, when he bought his own truck and leased it to a chemical trucking company. He said he moved his business to Demopolis in 1979 to work with Borden Chemical. With two trucks at the time, one of which he drove himself, Suttles found himself in a position to expand his company in the area.

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Suttles said it also helped his company over the years that Alabama has a lot of good people, who work hard for a good day’s pay. He said his employees are a crucial part in his company becoming the success it has over the years.

Suttles said he plans to remain in Demopolis after retiring, because he said it is where his children and grand children reside. He said he plans to spend more time with them when he is relieved of his responsibilities with the company.

Suttles said along with spending time with his family, he would also work on his antique trucks and his other businesses with his new free time.