OUR VIEW: Brown, school system set great examples

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 6, 2007

The newly named principal of Westside Elementary School Connie Brown sets an example to others of how to set goals and achieve.

Brown began her journey to become principal at Westside at a very young age. At 20 years old, she wanted to be part of the Demopolis School System and began educating its students as a teacher’s aide. Brown was encouraged by her principal to return to school and become a teacher. She followed this advice and achieved her teacher’s certification. She graduated from the University of West Alabama in 1984, and returned to Westside as a kindergarten teacher. After spending seven years in the classroom, she completed her master level certification to become a school counselor. She served Westside in that capacity from 1992 until 1997, when she moved to the middle school as a counselor. While working as a counselor, she stepped in and served as the assistant principal because the school was void one. In 2005, she completed her administrative certification and became the official assistant principal.

The quest Brown took to reach her standing today is a commendable journey. Others can view her path as proof that with hard work and support accomplishments can be made.

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In choosing Brown for the position, administrators noted her worthiness for the position. Superintendent Dr. Wesley Hill said following Brown’s placement, “She is going to be at Westside because of who she is and what she has done. Her being in this system is not what made her qualified.”

Encouragement like that Hill offers has been echoed throughout Brown’s career. She credits the support from her administrators for the first steps she took in her journey and is now in a position to show other educators the same support. Demopolis Board of Education Chairman Gary Holman sited Brown’s background with the school as being the key. &8220;She knows the school. She knows the people,” he said.