Golf team wins two matches in two weeks

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 13, 2007

DEMOPOLIS &8212; If this week says anything about the Demopolis High School Golf team, it is that the group thrives under adverse conditions, and it doesn&8217;t do shabby when it is nice out either.

The group of golfers has faced two golf matches this week with only a day of rest between them. As with college and PGA golf, high school golfers walk the holes they compete.

Though yesterday&8217;s match, where the group eked out a three-point win over their opponent, was played under fair conditions, the group faced weather that was adverse to say the least when it played Tuesday. If it wasn&8217;t drizzling during their play early on in the week it was poring rain on the young golfers.

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Yet the team, playing the much larger Holt High School out of Tuscaloosa, managed to win, and they managed to win by a substantial margin. The seven-man team managed to shoot 47 points lower than their 6A opponent.

The hot hitter of the team, John Parten, was the low scorer of both of the weeks matches and, like the team itself, did better the worse the conditions were. Parten shot a 40 on the nine-hole competition during the pristine weather conditions and made par on nine, with a 36, during the wet play &8212; a daunting task for a golfer of any skill level, high school or pro.

In fact, the team is currently sitting atop a record of 9-2 for the season, and with only four matches to play they could coast through the regular season with only two loses. The team only faces two more schools, Bibb County and Thomasville, and has two matches against each before reaching bonus play.