Soccer event coming to Selma

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 14, 2007

In a state where football is king, the Black Belt Action Commission&8217;s (BBAC) Health Committee, is partnering with another group to bring a program that focuses on spreading interest in the original football.

The committee is partnering with the Alabama Youth Soccer Association and U.S. Youth Soccer to bring the Kohl&8217;s American Cup to Selma. The event, which is scheduled on April 22, is meant to foster interest in the world&8217;s most popular sport.

The Kohl&8217;s American Cup is the largest traveling soccer exhibit in the country and provides recreational youth soccer players the opportunity to have fun in a festival-like atmosphere. The goal of the event, which stresses participation over competition, is to increase youth interest in the game.

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The BBAC&8217;s interest in bringing the program came after the Health Committee helped Marion and Livingston set up soccer leagues for the youth in partnership of the Alabama Youth Soccer Association. The two groups trained local in soccer basics and provided equipment to the fledgling leagues.

Nicholas said the two leagues founded in Marion in Livingston have around 40 children involved in them apiece, and said he hopes this event will draw even more children to the sport. He said he hopes the event helps not only the children in Marion and Livingston gain interest in the sport but all children in the region that want to get involved in the sport that promotes health of participants.