Tigers face tough competition in first round

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 1, 2007

DEMOPOLIS &045; The Tigers will face off today in the first round of the state playoffs against a team that can only be described as their nemesis, John Carroll.

The girls soccer team has, by winning their area two weeks ago in a home game against Gardendale, secured their spot in the match up as the home team. The group will meet the John Carroll squad, which has provided two of the three losses the Tigers have incurred this season, in a different venue than the group that usually plays on the pitch at the Demopolis Sportsplex, the Demopolis Football Stadium.

Keen was proven right, as Moody fell to the superior John Carroll group. Carroll has proven itself a dominant team this season, sitting above Demopolis in the top of the 5A rankings all season.

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Sitting at 15-3, the Tigers have proven to opponents that they are no slouch either, losing twice to John Carroll and once to Gardendale in the last game of the team’s regular season last Tuesday in a second post regulation shootout to decide the tied game.

Keen said the latest loss was the result of Gardendale’s ability to trap offsides and a personnel change he instituted to adjust the team to a player that would be unable to attend the playoff match.

Keen said aside from personnel changes the team would had to work on other chinks in its armor during the past week to prepare for the upcoming rematch. He said the group had to work on minor adjustment like its corner kicks and of course, following the Gardendale game, forwards staying onsides.

Keen said the group has all the talent its needs to win against any opponent. He said just has to communicate that talent on the field.