Youth football league begnds first season

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 17, 2007

DEMOPOLIS &8212; Children of the area looking to build their football skills prior to joining school teams will soon have a venue to learn and showcase their talents.

Registration at Omni Sports will begin June 24 and run through July 20 for children ages seven through 12 looking to play organized football. A Pop Warner League has been formed for children living in Demopolis that will begin play in late August.

McVay said he was interested in the Pop Warner league because of its nationwide following. He said it also supplies a set of rules for play within its various organizations and provides insurance in case a child participating gets hurt.

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After deciding on joining the league McVay said he had to apply for a charter from the organization as well as form a local board for the Demopolis league. After filling out the board of five members the group went about deciding some of the ground rules for the Demopolis group.

McVay said though the league is limited to Demopolites, children enrolled in schools in the city that don&8217;t necessarily live within the city limits may also play in the organization. He said the reason the group decided to limits who is eligible to play is to keep coaches of the league from recruiting players to give their teams an edge.

McVay said he has heard of a lot of interest in a youth football program and hopes to get enough children involved to fill out three or four teams in three age groups. He wants 7-8-year-old, 9-10-year-old and 11-12-year-old leagues, but he said if enough don&8217;t turn out to field that number if teams with about 14 players apiece he will divide it into two leagues for 7-9 and 10-12.