Demand will stay high, and so will prices

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 18, 2007

The old saying is that all you have to do to live is eat, drink and breath. Another one says the only necessities in life are paying taxes and death.

We think buying gasoline can be added to that list.

The truth of the matter is people have to have gasoline. We are a mobile society dependent upon automobiles. For the time being, automobiles run on gasoline. Maybe one day it will be corn or sunshine, and so then we&8217;ll publish stories about the rising price of corn and sunshine.

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Until then, as long as demand is constant &8212; or increases &8212; gas prices will remain high and, most likely, will never return to their former low rates.

Much of this has to do with inflation and the natural cost of living increases in our economy. Some has to do with technology and repairs. And some, yes, has to do with the nature of business by which those in business to make money want to make even more money.

In the end, complaining about gas prices just makes us feel better when we pony up the extra money. Past that, we can conserve, push for more fuel efficient vehicles and demand exploration of alternative energy sources.