OUR OPINION: Campus director leaves legacy through ASCC

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 30, 2007

We&8217;re going to miss a lot about Dr. Arthur Ogden now that he is departing our fair city.

We&8217;re going to miss his wit, often laced with sarcasm.

We&8217;re going to miss his writing, which is among the best we&8217;ve published on this page &8212; even better than Nat Hentoff.

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We&8217;re going to miss his old sports stories and adages.

Most of all, we&8217;ll miss his dedication to education and the work he&8217;s done to build a better community through both his civic work and his professional career at Alabama Southern Community College.

Ogden was a regular columnist here at The Times, and often he used his column on Tuesdays to talk about the importance of education, trends in the field and the changing landscape students and educators face.

He was also a proud ambassador of the Demopolis campus of ASCC. He helped grow it in the infancy stages and nurture it to where it is today. The work he&8217;s done will give his successor a solid foundation from which to build.

On a personal side, Ogden busied himself with several civic endeavors, including the Demopolis Rotary Club. He took care of the bulletin each week and added color commentary to programs presented.

And woe unto the speaker who said they were a Crimson Tide fan.

Outside of his work, Ogden had a personal style about him, one that made him a &8220;memorable character&8221; who would have been at home in a modern-day Mark Twain story.

He&8217;s moved on &8212; maybe to bigger but certainly not to better &8212; things and places. We wish him well.

We also wish his successor at ASCC well. Big shoes are left behind to be filled at ASCC and throughout the civic endeavors in which he was involved.

And on Tuesdays, to the left, his absence will be noted. We&8217;re now taking suggestions for a worthy replacement.