QA with Demopolis Library Director Lindsy Gardner: Library in transition stage

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 12, 2007

You have decided to leave the Demopolis Public Library and take another position?

Yes, I am. It was a very difficult decision.

Where are you going?

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I am going to Lancaster County, Va.

What are you going to be ding in Lancaster?

I will be the director of the Lancaster County Library.

When will you be leaving Demopolis for Virginia?

I will be leaving in September.

You will be staying at the Demopolis Library through the summer?


Are you going to play a role in finding a new director for the Demopolis Public Library?

It is the responsibility of the Library Board of Trustees to hire a new director, but I will certainly be of assistance during that process.

Who makes up the board of trustees?

There are five members from the community that are appointed by the city council.

Has a search begun for the new director?

I hope to post the job description this week.

What kind of qualifications will the board be looking for in a candidate to fill the position?

The main qualification is a degree, as master&8217;s degree, in library science and, hopefully, three years of managerial experience in a library setting.

What exactly is a master&8217;s of library science?

The University of Alabama is the only college in the state of Alabama that offers a master&8217;s degree in library science. They teach you about the organization of information, administration, technical services, fundraising and avocation &8212; all of the different aspects of being a director of a library. So it is essential (to the position).

Is it rare to find someone with a degree in library science?

No, there are quite a few people in Alabama, and I have certainly networked with a lot of librarians in our state. In the process of getting to know them, I have talked about what a great community Demopolis is and all of the great things the library is doing and the

wonderful things we are doing and the great facilities that we have. I hope that goodwill will invite people to apply for this position.

Does Demopolis have above average community support for its library?

Absolutely, especially in a community our size.

There are numerous programs and community interest for the library, how will a new director have to come in and get involved to continue the trend?

Well, the foundation is there of course, especially with the summer reading program, but each person has a new perspective, and I hope that the incoming person will bring a new vision and enthusiasm and new ideas just as I did almost seven years ago. I think it is a tremendous opportunity to improve our library services, even from where they are now.

Is there a timeline for finding the new director at this time that you know of?

I really don&8217;t. It will depend on the applications we receive. We haven&8217;t really set any date.