Librarians extensive work will be missed

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lindsy Gardner has announced her intention to resign her post as the director of the Demopolis Public Library at the close of the summer.

In September, Gardner will travel to Virginia to take over the director position of the Lancaster County Library, vacating the same position in Demopolis. Gardner said the Library Board of Trustees will be responsible for finding her replacement, though she intends to help in any way the board might see fit.

We at The Times lament the loss brought about by Gardner&8217;s exeunt from Demopolis. She has been a crucial part in building the community involvement seen in the city&8217;s library. Through her direction she has evolved the role of the library from just a storage place for books to which the public has access, to a center of community culture.

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The library offers its summer reading program that has seen great response from children out of school for the summer. The program has become a staple of summer planning for families around the area.

Under Gardner the library has also seen a move toward electronic tools to further the enlightenment of the community. Adding Internet access and a number of computers has allowed individuals that might not otherwise have access learn how to navigate through the digital world. To further this end, the library has also offered classes on basic computer programs to enable individuals to gain more computer literacy in a time where such knowledge is a must.

Under the guidance of Gardner the library has continually teamed up with other organizations around Demopolis to provide events and programs that stimulate the mind. Lecturers, authors and film experts have all made presentations recently that further the cultural knowledge of residents utilizing their programs.

Gardner has proved herself an innovative and sound director of what we feel is a crucial cornerstone of any community. We wish her luck and hope for another like her.

As to the search for a new director of the library, we hope the board of trustees again looks for an applicant with a vision for the library that moves such an important community resource in a direction that continues to support the needs of residents. It is important that this institution not grow stagnant in its struggle to provide intellectual fodder for the minds of the area.

If the board keeps in mind that a library is much more than a storehouse for literature &8212; it is a foundation for all learning in a community &8212; we feel they will make the right decision in their upcoming search.