DHS baseball team hits weight room

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 22, 2007

DEMOPOLIS &8212; Ben Ramer has been playing catch up after stepping in as the new baseball coach for Demopolis High School.

While not worrying about techniques on the field or at bat, Ramer is more concerned about the level of fitness of his players and has instituted a summer workout regimen to get the group where he wants it physically.

To do this Ramer has instituted a summer workout regiment that is mandatory for players hoping to fill out his roster next baseball season. The group hits the weight room three times a week during the summer, which will be cut back to two times a week when the group hits its season, with workout times reserved for eight in the morning or seven in the afternoon. The only group of players not required to hit the gym are those who also play football and are involved in the summer weight program ran by head football coach Tom Causey.

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In his previous program at Andalusia, which either won its area or was runner up and made the state playoffs every year he was there, Ramer set up a similar workout regiment. He said his workout and conditioning for player, though focusing on weight room work isn&8217;t necessarily gear at making players bigger.

Ramer said, while he wants the group to get strong, he doesn&8217;t want injuries, so the group limits its time in the weight room to three days a week and lowers it during the season. He said by next summer the group will be used to the workout schedule and the team can get to compete in the seven games during the summer allowed by the state, which it will skip this summer. He said while the group isn&8217;t doing any field or hitting work, a good number of his players are playing summer recreational ball to keep on pace.