OUR OPINION: Library, schools host childrens summer programs

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 22, 2007

It is difficult to find activities to keep children active during the summer months, but it is even more difficult to find an activity for them to do that is educationally stimulating as well.

The children of Demopolis and the surrounding area are fortunate to have many summer programs available in which they can participate. The Demopolis Public Library, the Theo Ratliff Center and the city school system all offer summer programs that not only host activities for the children but also incorporate learning into the programs.

The library hosts its summer reading program, which includes guest speakers and demonstrators on the topic of the week.

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The Theo Ratliff Center hosts summer programs that teach students arts and crafts and activities such as basketball and skimming.

Westside Elementary School hosted a summer program this week teaching students new sports and encouraging school spirit with a junior cheer camp.

Theses programs provide an educational outlet for the children of our community and should be commended.