Sumter grabs U-12 reigns

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 23, 2007

DEMOPOLIS &8212; Sumter County&8217;s Cal Ripken under eight all-star team came out with big bats against a Demopolis team that had trouble getting it going at the plate and placed itself atop the under eight rankings with a, 12-6, win.

Sumter opened up the game with three singles from batters Seth Meadows, Zane Thrash and Jake Mason. Brooks Brophy continued the trend with a single that brought in Meadows and Thrash and sent Mason to third. After a pop out to second, Coby Kirchharr and Clay Collins both hit singles and recorded RBIs off of runs from Mason and Brophy before Demopolis escaped the inning, 4-0.

Demopolis hung tough in the bottom of the inning and cut the lead in half. After an early out the group came out with singles from R.J. Cox, Robert Tutt and Hunter Colyar, which forced an out situation with Tutt at second. A single from Chandler Barten brought in Cox, and a single from Nick Nelson brought in Colyar.

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Neither team extended their leads in the second. After an early out Sumter again had a run of singles in the third from Landen McElroy, Kirchharr and Collins, which lead to a force out of McElroy at third. Another single from Christopher Spencer brought in Kirchharr before the inning ended, 5-2.

Demopolis got another in the bottom of the third after a single from R.J Cox and a double from Colyar, lead to a Cox score off a Barten hit.

Sumter countered in the top of the fourth with another run off singles from Meadows, Mason and Brophy, 6-3.

Demopolis didn&8217;t score in the bottom of the fourth and Sumter capitalized in the top of the fifth with a five run inning.

Sumter batters Shannon Bednell and Shane Castleberry hit singles and a single from Cole Hanson brought in Bednell. Another single from Meadows brought in Castleberry and a single from Thrash loaded the bases. Hanson scored off a pop out to center field and Meadows scored off a single from Brophy. McElroy capped off the scoring with a single that brought in Thrash and Brophy before the inning ended, 12-3.

Picked up a run in the bottom of the fifth when a single from Tutt brought in Ashley Dunn. The group picked up two more in the bottom of the sixth when a single from Ryan Morrison brought in Barten and another from Carson Parten brought in Jonathan Lewis, ending the game 12-6.