OUR OPINION: Practice makes for higher scores on test exams

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 13, 2007

Summer is almost over. The kids are working hard at trying to do everything they can before they have to get back into the classrooms and study again.

Some older kids, however, have had to put their study caps on and pull the books out early.

This next Monday marks the beginning of the summer session for the Alabama High School Graduation Exam. Many high school juniors and seniors, along with a few who have graduated but didn&8217;t pass all parts of the exam, are working hard to get done with school.

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For them, it is important to remember that practice makes perfect, and studying should be their top priority this weekend.

Many stores both on the street and online have study books and workbooks that can be used for practice testing for the graduation exam. Like the SAT and ACT, getting prepared by working out your brain can help in getting not only a diploma but also a foot in the door of college.

Giving your brain a good workout before any test is a good idea. Short spurts of practice testing help your brain retain facts and procedures that you might otherwise forget.

Eating properly plays an important part in how well your brain functions throughout the day and during the time of testing.

Eating &8220;brain food&8221; is your best bet when it comes to making good grades on not only your graduation exams but also on any large test that you may take in the future.

Testing has become a big part of the school system. With colleges now looking at the graduation exam as an entrance requirement, making a good grade is a must.

Even though it may be hard to pull the books out and cram in all that information that might seem boring at the moment, it is better than trying to go in blind, not doing well on your test and having to repeat the test multiple times before you graduate.

Some might find that information valuable to pass along to their children or grandchildren.

For those interested in taking the graduation exam next week, you should contact Demopolis High School at 289-0294.