OUR OPINION: Online service ready for event submissions

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 19, 2007

In an effort to better serve our online readers The Times has been working on developing and advancing our new and improved Web site, www.demopolistimes.com. As seen in recent weeks with breaking news stories, The Times&8217; web entity allows its readers an opportunity to read the news as the news happens. Last week The Times provided breaking news coverage on a Demopolis fire that claimed two homes and damaged a third, as well as ravishing flames on a polishing pond at Demopolis&8217; Southern Pride Catfish plant that closed earlier this year.

Along with breaking news ability, The Times&8217; Web site also was implemented as a service to the community. The site includes a calendar of events, which details the happenings around the area. It is a place where area clubs, organizations, schools, churches and groups can display their upcoming events. It is also a source for the community and The Times online readers to view and make plans around events of the community.

We encourage the community to use this tool when an event is planned. These events will also be included in the print edition of The Times each day.

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We also encourage the community to browse our site, keep watch on the site for breaking news and events from around the area and check out our calendar of events each day.