OUR OPINION: Area schools see enrollment numbers rise

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Schools throughout Marengo County began the school year with enrollment increases. The public school systems within the county boast approximately 4,430 students.

School superintendents reported a smooth start and preparation to face the challenges of the school year.

Linden City Schools is the smallest school district in the state of Alabama. However, Interim Superintendent Scott Collier said he was pleased with the 501 students reporting for class thus far and said the system is, &8220;looking good.&8221;

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Marengo County Schools Superintendent Luke Hallmark said he, too, was pleased with the school year&8217;s start, but is prepared for challenges throughout the year.

Schools throughout the county will face obstacles to overcome. Some of the obstacles will be solely related to enrollment growth.

Demopolis City Schools has devised a plan to handle the growth for its district. Westside Elementary School is in the process of expansion and plans are underway for Demopolis High School to expand in the near future.

While growth to area schools is always a positive thing, it is equally important to establish a plan for the future and be prepared for the enrollment increases. Area school systems are diligently building solid educational facilities for the students of Marengo County. The next step is to expand these systems and continue to grow.