OUR OPINION: Community should help local shelters

Published 12:00 am Saturday, September 1, 2007

Humane efforts and effective animal control have always been a necessity for rural communities. With recent high-profile cases dealing with animal cruelty such as Michael Vick&8217;s ordeal with dog fighting, the need has never been greater for education.

In our own local community, there is only one city shelter facility and no animal shelters to serve Marengo, Greene or Sumter Counties. There are, however, a countless number of animals in need of food and shelter, which increases all the time.

Alabama law requires each county to have at least one animal shelter. Another recent law requires all animals in shelters to be spayed or neutered. Unfortunately, these laws are only mandates and do not come with any dollar signs attached. This means Alabama citizens must take it upon themselves to seek out funds to accomplish these tasks.

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In an effort to step up the plate of these laws and help subdue a growing problem, local citizens are banding together in search of support and funding by becoming involved with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Operating under the ASPCA&8217;s guidelines could bring more awareness to the community about the need for education about animal cruelty and also be a potential outlet for funding.

ASPCA&8217;s Mission Orange is just one of many programs that brings funding and training to communities who are in dire need of help with humane efforts.

There is no reason why anyone in the community should not champion the efforts of local citizens to expose our community to this effort.

Uncared for animals can be found in every neighborhood and in every community in our county. They deserve to get the care they require.

Everyone can do their part by spreading awareness about the effort or even becoming personally involved by offering time and support for the efforts.