LCS works toward surplus

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 11, 2007

LINDEN &8212; According to legislation passed two years ago, all schools in the state of Alabama must have at least one month&8217;s supply of operating funds on reserve at all times. Due in part to some reduction efforts and some budgets changes, the Linden City Schools are closer to meeting those criteria than they were last year.

According to Interim Superintendent Scott Collier, one month&8217;s supply of operating costs for the four schools in the system is approximately $300,000. Preliminary figures show the system has a surplus this year of $141,371. Along with funds from other various sources, the system estimates having $227,571 in reserves.

Several funding sources, including bond issue funds and state programs such as the Alabama Reading Initiative help to bankroll programs that aren&8217;t covered by income acquired either locally or based on student units in the school, such as capital improvements.

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Last year&8217;s figures show Linden Schools earned approximately 496 students, which allocated them to have 28 teachers, two principals, two counselors, two librarians and one vocational education counselor. These figures are based on units, which may be in the form of fractions. For example, a .50 teacher unit would be a part time teacher, or in the case of Linden City Schools, a teacher who splits time between two of the schools.

Collier reported that all of the teaching units have been filled for this year, but they are still looking for a librarian for Linden High School.

Collier said the budget for the year looks good, and the main goal is to meet the accountability standard set by the state two years ago. After they are able to meet their desired one-month operating reserve, Collier said they would be able to move on to other pressing issues such as capital improvements and student programs.

There will be another budget hearing for Linden City Schools at the Board of Education office at 6 p.m. on Sept. 13.