Linden Police Department fires officer

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 20, 2007

LINDEN &8212; The community youth action program was in its very beginning stages with at least 10 Linden youth participating when the officer responsible for getting the program started was fired, Interim Police Chief Scott McClure said this week.

The officer in question, Officer Marvin Bryant, received numerous complaints from Linden citizens, including a large delegation that showed up at the Sept. 4 Linden City Council meeting.

At the time of his firing, McClure said Bryant was still on probation due to complaints of harassment and using profanity in the presence of children. The incident leading to his termination, however, was totally unrelated to the previous complaints, McClure said.

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McClure said he could not disclose the full nature of the incident.

With Bryant dismissed from the force, the LPD only has four officers. McClure said he is now in the process of looking for another officer to join the force.

He is also talking with the city council about a possible pay increase for the officers, which are all paid hourly, not on salary.

McClure said he is disappointed the firing of Bryant put the youth program on hold.

McClure said he wished he had the time to continue to make the program work, but since he is now short-staffed it is not really feasible for himself or any of the other officers to continue the program &8220;with the depth it had been started with.&8221;

The 10 Linden children who were involved in the program were Jatavius Walker, Kierra Chaney, Tamara Tucker, Felisha Tucker, Alexandria Tucker, De&8217;Marcus Bright, De&8217;Anthony Bright, Brittany Bright, Frynecia Alvis and Christle Agee.