Hornets look to carry momentum from win into Linden game

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 2, 2007

In the sporting world the worst thing for an athlete or team is quicksand &8212; the inability for a person or group to rectify problems leading to poor performance and, invariably, losses.

This season, John Essex High School has been battling though a morass filled with quicksand. Last Friday, with a 33-22 win over Coffeeville High School, the group found their way out. And, as it turns out, the Hornets&8217; quicksand might have been more of a mental issue than anything else.

Of course, retaining the balanced offense that showed up against Coffeeville might not hurt either. The Hornets scored off a 70-yard reverse by Ken Phillips, a 45-yard pass from Phillips to Fluker, a 46- and 35-yard run from Letrell Griffin and a 35-yard interception from Antonio Bennett.

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Hornets head coach Fentress Means said several players stepped up in the win. He noted big plays on defense by Jamie Daniels, who had 11 tackles, Bennett&8217;s interception and all around play by Traveras Griffin, Sentell Johnson, Chris McKinley, Anthony Jackson and Phillips. But Means also noted the communication and team work as a factor &8212; something players noticed as well.

And talk of playoffs shows the team is out of the quicksand and has a new mentality.

Enter Linden, who is also coming off a win into Saturday&8217;s match up with the Hornets. The Patriots head coach Andro Williams knows that the new mentality of the John Essex group could cause extra challenges to his team.

Well, not completely. Williams said he knows the Hornets quarterback is a playmaker that his group will have to contain. For Means&8217; part, he, too, will be looking for his group to contain a playmaker from his opponent&8217;s sideline.

Both coaches agree that they are looking for their team to continue to progress through the game, which both feel could lead to a win.