E-911 board members should reconsider positions

Published 12:00 am Saturday, October 6, 2007

It has become apparent one of the most vital services in the county, E-911, is struggling to maintain the desired level of effectiveness with the services they provide.

The staff of E-911, however, has never worked harder. Dispatchers work long hours. First responders and law enforcement continue to be at the scene providing the immediate care and support each situation requires.

The board responsible for maintaining the service and its finances, however, has not even been able to get a quorum to meet.

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While not all of the members have been lax in their duties, there are at least a few members who can&8217;t find it in their schedules to come to a meeting that could potentially determine the way emergency service is carried out in the county.

With continued public concern, the issue has come before the County Commission and it has now become their task to reevaluate the board and its ability to function.

One possible option is to ask for blanket resignations so the commission can reappoint a board with members who are willing to serve. The other is to wait out the terms of each of the members and hope they will be able to have a quorum in the coming months.

For the good of the citizens of the county, all remaining E-911 board members should seriously reevaluate themselves and be willing to do what it takes by resurrecting a functioning board or be willing to resign in order to form a new one.