County calls for E-911 resignations

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 10, 2007

LINDEN &8212; Following a heated debate from both the public and those in the public eye over the current state of the E-911 board, the County Commission passed a motion Tuesday to ask for blanket resignations from the remaining E-911 board members in order to repopulate the board with new members who are willing to serve.

The motion came after an executive session and with the stipulation from Commissioner Dr. Ken Tucker that all board members who were able to commit be thanked for their service. Two board members, Chairman Mitchell Snipes and Sheriff Jesse Langley asked not to be reappointed at the last commission meeting.

Another board member, Mike Carlisle, who serves as a firefighter with the Linden Fire Department and at Georgia Pacific, said the board&8217;s issue was simple: they were not able to attain a quorum to meet.

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Carlisle said he felt bad about what the situation has caused for the E-911 service.

If the board members do not accept the commission&8217;s request for resignations, the board will continue to stand until each member&8217;s respective terms run out. The term for Joseph Hudson, is set to expire this month. The terms of three of the remaining members, Grady Kelly, Carrie Rowser and Mark Carlisle, are set to expire in Oct. 2009, while the final member, Bryan Lewis, is set to be on the board until Dec. 2010.

When asked what the requirements for a board member would be, Commissioner Freddie Armstead said all it requires is a citizen of the county who is willing to serve.

Tucker added a desirable

candidate would have related experience and some business sense.

Carlisle said an E-911 board would have a similar mix of people that the current board has, which includes dispatchers, first responders, businessmen and law enforcement.