DHS student honored for marksmanship

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 17, 2007

DEMOPOLIS &8212; Shelby Richardson, 14, a Demopolis High School student, recently accomplished a feat few people her age have done: She won both state and national titles in marksmanship.

According to her father, Ron Lewis, Richardson has been shooting in marksmanship competitions for the last three years, where she uses a .22 rifle, which is a popular gun for both hunting and sport.

The competitions involve 25 record shots at 50 yards and 50 meters in 30 minutes, from the bench at one target on an open-air range. The competitions also include weight classes ranging from the sporter class, which uses 10.5 pound guns, to the 13.5 pound gun class.

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Richardson regularly practices at the Blackbelt Benchrest Club in Gallion, where the Sept. 8 state championships were held. After competing in the IR 50-50 competition, which involves shooting targets at both 50-yard and 50-meter ranges, Richardson walked away as the 2007 Alabama State IR50-50 Unlimited Junior Champion.

Shortly after the state championships, Richardson traveled with her father to the national championships in Canasota, N.Y. At the Sept. 29 event, Richardson, once again,

earned the top title: 2007 United States IR50-50 6 Gun Junior Champion.

Lewis has been traveling to the national championships since 1999, and only recently began bringing his daughter along with him. She also won her most recent competition on Oct. 13 at the Blackbelt Benchrest Club, which is open to the public the second Saturday of each month.