Fran is out at AM, Tubby wont fill vacancy

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Rumors are flying high and low about the possibility of Dennis Franchione being fired as head coach at Texas A&M followed by a Aggie courtship with Auburn University&8217;s Tommy Tuberville in hopes of filling the position with a big name coach.

There are two things

folks in the state of Alabama can count on from this &8212; Franchione will get a pink slip soon and Tuberville will not be heading to College Station. What do you have to back that up you ask? Nothing but common sense.

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First, let&8217;s look at Franchione. The guy was heralded as the prophet that would once again raise the Aggies to prominence &8212; complete with a connection to the University of Alabama in tow. Five years later the Aggies are still run of the mill at best in their conference, the teams best season was 9-3, two bowl appearances have resulted in two losses and Franchione has pulled enough stupid crap involving NCAA infractions that the school should have no problem releasing him without having to pay by claiming breach of contract.

The last two times we heard something like that from Fran he was weeks if not days or hours away from jumping on a jet and heading to a new school &8212; see his exeunt from TCU and Alabama. This time he isn&8217;t heading to more money or what he perceives as greener pasture, though. It looks like the unemployment line for Fran. How is that for karma buddy?

Than there is Tuberville. There is no way he is heading to College Station. Forget the jet trip by Bobby Lowder and company in 2003 to replace Tuberville that would make any reasonable person leery of his job security. Forget the disgruntled Auburn fans calling for heads to roll after a stormy start of the season this year. Forget any amount of money Texas A&M can throw at the Riverboat Gambler.

The one reason Tuberville is not heading to College station is that he is extremely cocky.

Cocky people don&8217;t like losing &8212; no matter what their pay stub says.

Auburn needs to worry about a program courting Tuberville that has tradition and will let a winner run his own ship &8212; like, say, Notre Dame or Nebraska (where a great coach can become governor), both of which will be perusing the market soon if they aren&8217;t already.

Tubby is a great recruiter but right now there is no one who can bring the recruits to the Station, with programs like Texas, Oklahoma and LSU in the same territory and with a lot more to offer. If Tuberville is playing coy about the situation, it is because he is looking at a contract negation for some more zeros.

So Auburn fans, all you need to be worrying about at present is the hike in your kid&8217;s tuition next year after the ink dries.